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  • That day Robert had to travel 52 miles to attend a business meeting. Supposedly, he was going to drive fast through the expressway, but as it was a lot of traffic he took 2 hours and a half to arrive. After 3 hours and 15 minutes of a meeting that could have finished 30 minutes earlier, he returned.
  • In his way back he took a little more time, but in that case it wasn’t because of the traffic. When he left the company, he tried to take the expressway again, but as he didn’t know the area very well, he got lost and ended driving in rounds inside a residential neighborhood. He liked there so much that he decided to know the vicinity a little more. He looked at the houses, people walking, people with dogs, and some persons standing quietly in their porches. Everything was very calm and nice.
  • When he arrived home, his wife asked him why he took so long. While he was explaining her about that neighborhood, he confessed that one day he would like to live there. He also told her that one of the things that caught most of his attention, was that there people were very kind, and then left his wife with the mouth wide open when he said that these people were so generous, that although it wasn’t Christmas yet, they had already started to leave presents for their neighbors under the trees.
  • Photo: Collaboration of Rodrigo Santos, Art Director.
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  • About The Project
  • What's That?!: Some things shouldn't be so normal.
  • From real images of garbage in the street and stories or ironic comments, the objective of the project is to show things that people do and assume as normal, but shouldn’t be like that. The idea is to act like a mirror of attitudes we need to change, in order to improve our way of living.
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