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  • It was almost 6am, the weather was perfect, neither hot nor cold. When the bartender introduced them, it was like love at first sight. He invited her to dance and without noticing they kissed each other. Then, they went out to be quieter, they walked and divided some thoughts. But after 24 unforgettable minutes, he felt that it wasn't anything else to share. So, he said very naturally he was going to the bathroom at the gas station and would be back soon. She, naive and happy, waited him in vain.
  • About The Project
  • What's That?!: Some things shouldn't be so normal.
  • From real images of garbage in the street and stories or ironic comments, the objective of the project is to show things that people do and assume as normal, but shouldn’t be like that. The idea is to act like a mirror of attitudes we need to change, in order to improve our way of living.
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