• + 2010 11 11 _ WHAT'S THAT?!
  • The doorman thinks the sock belongs to a young man, about 25 and 30 years old, that three times a week jumps in a hurry, in his underwear and with the clothes in his hands, from the window of an apartment from the first floor.
  • A neighbor said that last night was very windy; she believes the sock could be from some person that hung the clothes out. She also said
    that a few times, she lost some of her panties in the same way, and requested with emphasis to avoid mentioning her name because she would feel embarrassed.
  • The baker from the corner said the stocking could be from the father
    of a five year old boy, that is always playing with a sock as a puppet, pretending is an alien that was born the same day as he was.
  • The manager of the cab stop said there is a woman that every Friday arrives running, asking desperate for a car, with her baggage almost open. He thinks it could be her sock, but he has some doubts as it seems a man stocking.
  • A hairdresser from the block commented there is a couple that is
    always arguing, and the yelling only stops when she throws all her husband clothes through the window.
  • What do you think? How this sock ended here?
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  • About The Project
  • What's That?!: Some things shouldn't be so normal.
  • From real images of garbage in the street and stories or ironic comments, the objective of the project is to show things that people do and assume as normal, but shouldn’t be like that. The idea is to act like a mirror of attitudes we need to change, in order to improve our way of living.
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