• + 2011 01 11 _ WHAT'S THAT?!
  • Soon I will publish another What's That?! post, in the meantime, here is an image I took recently in Buenos Aires. Sadly, I think there are not a lot of people following that rule, neither in Buenos Aires nor in a lot of other cities. Here you can read the translation.
  • Law 11382 penalizes who throw garbage of any kind
    in places not allowed to, with:
  • - AR$ 24000 fine
    - 30 day jail
    - Vehicles confiscation
  • Don’t be an environmental aggressor.
    Preserve population health.
  • Don’t pollute!
  • MSI
    Municipality of San Isidro
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  • About The Project
  • What's That?!: Some things shouldn't be so normal.
  • From real images of garbage in the street and stories or ironic comments, the objective of the project is to show things that people do and assume as normal, but shouldn’t be like that. The idea is to act like a mirror of attitudes we need to change, in order to improve our way of living.
  • You can also follow the project at my Flickr.