• + 2011 01 28 _ WHAT'S THAT?!
  • Marta and Gabriela were smoking in the doorway of the hairdresser's where they work, when suddenly started to cough and laugh non-stop. The reason of their guffaw was Mirta, the manicure who also was with them.
  • That funny moment could have passed without notice, but the laughing was so absurd, that the clients, curious by nature, wanted to know what had happened.
  • After that day, every woman told her own version. But according to Gabriela, when Mirta was finishing her Activia, she needed to run desperate when the desire seized her, leaving the recipient in the
    flower bed.
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  • About The Project
  • What's That?!: Some things shouldn't be so normal.
  • From real images of garbage in the street and stories or ironic comments, the objective of the project is to show things that people do and assume as normal, but shouldn’t be like that. The idea is to act like a mirror of attitudes we need to change, in order to improve our way of living.
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